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Snore Less Pillow

Snore Less Pillow


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SNORE-LESS is made from polyurethane foam designed specifically to hold the body comfortably in the
side position. It can be used whether lying on the left or the right side.


Sleeping on your side is considered by the experts to be one of the natural remedies which limits the
number of snoring episodes caused by sleeping in the supine position.

Adopting a lateral posture may be advisable in patients with less severe OSAS, especially if tests indicate positional snoring and apnoea.
Using SNORE-LESS may also help to complement CPAP ventilation where the benefit of positional therapy
helps to maintain the pressure delivered by the CPAP device.

People who wear mandibular advancement devices during sleep are usually advised to lie on their side. By
using SNORE-LESS during sleep they are prevented from rolling over onto their back.

CENTRAL APNOEA and “Cheyne Stokes Respiration”
In patients with chronic cardiac insufficiency, dyspnea worsens when lying in the supine position.
Keeping the body in the lateral decubitus position greatly benefits those patients who suffer from
central apnoea.

Choose your height in the left column and your weight (in KG) from the top row, select the most suitable cushion size.

KG 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140
CM - - - - - - - - - -
140 S S S M M M - L L L
150 S S M M M M - L L L
160 S M M M M L L L L L
170 M M M M M L L L L L
180 M M M M M L L L L L
190 M M M M M L L L L L
200 M M M M M/L L L L L L
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